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TASNIM MARINE SERVICES is your reliable source for Used Marine Oil Separator! Our company is well renowned and reliable in international marine market for best quality reusable marine lube oil, fuel oil and oily water separators & spare parts supply and export at great affordable price. We collect & stock many type of second hand ALFA LAVAL, WESTFALIA and MITSUBISHI Oil Purifiers from ship breaking yard of Chittagong. We do necessary servicing and reconditioning every machine in our workshop to ensure it’s superior reusable condition. From a single unit to bulk quantity refurbished marine oil separators / purifiers we are exporting regularly to our worldwide customers. We can supply any make and model second hand /used solid bowl disc vertical centrifuges in totally serviced and overhauled condition to meet our customer’s satisfaction. ALFA LAVAL OIL SEPARATOR WESTFALIA OIL SEPARATOR MITSUBISHI OIL SEPARATOR Almost any type second hand D.O./F.O./H.F.O/ oily water separators and spare parts of above Maker’s we stock and supply in bulk quantity or as single unit. Some type of available Centrifuges / Marine oil Separators are Alfa Laval BWPX 307, LOPX 605, FOPX 607, FOPX 609, FOPX 610, FOPX 613, MAB 102, MAB 103, MAB 104, MIB 303, MAPX 205, MAPX 313, MOPX 213, MOPX 205, MMPX 303, MFPX 307, WHPX 407, WHPX 513, WESTFALIA Separator OSB 35, OSC 4, OSC 5, OSC 15, OSC 30, OSC 50, OSD 6, OSD 18, OSD 35, OSD 60, OSA 7, OSA 15, OSA 20, OSA 35 and Mitsubishi Purifiers type is SJ 700, SJ 2000, SJ 3000, SJ 4000, SJ 15T, SJ 20T, SJ 30T, SJ 60EH, SJ 60T, SJ 60P etc., for any application like Diesel Oil separation, Oily Water Separation, HFO separation. We are the dedicated reconditioned Marine oil Separator / Purifier supplier in Chittagong, Bangladesh.