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YOKOGAWA CMZ-700 Gyro Compass

YOKOGAWA CMZ-700 Gyro Compass

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• The system configuration can easily be adapted to each vessel’s specifications.
• IEC 61162-2 high-speed code is available for the heading and rate of turn (ROT) outputs.
• A unique anti-vibration system enhanced by the velocity damping effect of high viscous oil, provides superior damping of vibration and decoupling of shock at sea.
• A small and lightweight container enhances the follow up speed. The gyro compass changes smoothly and does not lag when a small vessel rapidly changes course.
• A space-saving design: the master compass and the control box can be installed on the autopilot stand.
• Automatic speed error correction is possible if both the ship’s speed signal from the speed log and the latitude signal from a GPS or some other positioning device is available. Further, the latitude can be estimated from the ship’s speed and the gyro compass reading if the positioning device signal is absent.
• An external heading signal from an instrument such as a magnetic compass or a GPS compass can be passed to repeater compasses and other ship equipment for back-up purposes.
• As a standard function, a built-in monitor detects deviations between the master compass and external sensor heading readings.
• The restart time can be preset from 1 to 99 hours.

Standard Equipment List:
1. Master Unit
2. Control Unit
3. Gyro Sphere

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