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Tokyo Keiki TG-5000 Gyrocompass


Quantity : 10

The TOKIMEC TG-5000 GYROCOMPASS has been manufactured following the development of Sperry-type MK.14 and MK-EN gyro compasses in addition to MK-ES, TG-100 and similar other models developed by Tokyo Keiki. The TG-5000 is undoubtedly superior to the above ones as the highest quality techniques are incorporated in its development and manufacturing process.

Design Features

The suspension wire floating method has been introduced to support the gyroscope greatly improving the accuracy of the compass.

The electrical pick-off devices have been installed between the gyroscopes greatly improving the accuracy of the compass.

The supporting plate that supports the movable element of the phantom yoke containing the sensitive element is mounted on 4 new shock absorbers to absorb vibrating shocks as the vessel moves or shifts direction.

If, for some reasons, the power supply to the gyro compass is discontinued, the master compass can still continue to operate normally by automatically switching to the emergency power source (DC24V).

The speed related errors are corrected by the master compass card indicating the same reading as that of the repeater card.

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