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Fully IMO approved for standard and high speed craft (GC85) and can be configured in a dual Gyro Compass system. The highest possible accuracy and stability is provided from new Technology by sophisticated and fully sealed sensitive element.

The Simrad GC series includes Gyro Compass and control units to suit and vessel type and application from IMO approved GC-80 and GC-85 solutions for Merchant cargo ships, Passenger vessels and Dynamic positioning Offshore service vessels to the compact RGC50 for Smaller Non-SOLAS work boats, Ferries and commercial Fishing vessels.

GC-80 and GC-85:
IMO type approved for use aboard standard and high speed craft respectively, Simrad GC-80 and GC-85 Gyro Compass are available with compact, dual expanded controls units for installation as part of a single or multi Gyro system.

These control units offer a range of stepper and NMEA 0183 Heading outputs for direct connection to heading repeater, ECDIS, Radar, Autopilot and other Navigation system. Easily incorporated into new vessels or retrofits. The GC-80 and GC-85 Suit a variety of applications from Navigation for Merchant vessels to Dynamic positioning for OSVs.

These Gyro compass were designed to meet the requirements of demanding Offshore applications and Combine sophisticated technology with low-RPM rotation to eliminate the need for regular annual service or oil change.

In the even that service is required, the fully sealed Sensitive element and field-swappable to allow for on board service minimizing or eliminating vessel downtime.

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