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SAILOR 6018 Message Terminal

SAILOR TT-6018 Message Terminal

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SAILOR TT-6018 Message Terminal

The SAILOR 6018 Message Terminal is designed to enhance the efficiency of safety communication as the defining component in a SAILOR 6000 GMDSS installation, as Inmarsat mini-C or as a radio telex terminal. Regardless of its application, it is a unique product that uses intuitive touchscreen technology in maritime safety communications for easier, safer and more efficient operation.

The SAILOR 6018 Message Terminal features a high resolution touch-screen that offers clear benefits to safety and operational efficiency, as it enables the user to
quickly and easily carry out GMDSS and communication tasks, therefore leaving more time for other critical jobs on board. Even when using the keyboard and mouse
input method, controlling the multimedia style interface, with easy-to-use, intuitive, icon based operation is very straight-forward.

Purpose Built
The SAILOR 6018 Message Terminal is built specifically for use at sea, and with the SAILOR dedication to quality, it is a highly reliable system that is able to
withstand the harsh maritime environment.

The SAILOR 6018 Message Terminal is a Wheel marked terminal. It enables the safe operation of a vessel’s IMO GMDSS safety systems either when connected to the SAILOR 6110 mini-C or when operating in conjunction with the MF/HF installation to provide seamless radio telex communications.

Features include:
High contrast touch-screen display
with dimming
Perfect night and day vision
USB support
Integrated GMDSS distress button
Easy-to-use icon based interface

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