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PSG Governor

PSG Governor

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The PSG Governor provides hydraulic powered travel in the increase-fuel direction only. A return spring is used to provide travel in the decrease-fuel direction. The Standard PSG cover provides for a vertical return spring in the Governor. Governors models are available with horizontal return springs, or the Governor can be fitted with a customer supplied external return spring.
Spring-driven and oil damped billheads are available to filter out tensional vibrations. A special temperature-compensated needle valve can be supplied to compensate for temperature effect on stability.
Droop may be set in some governors with a permanent moment of an adjustment inside the cover. Others governors are equipped with externally adjustable droop. External adjustment is available on either side of the case. Droop is adjustable from 0 to about 7 percent in all governors.
Speed setting
Electric speed –adjusting motors or pneumatic speed-setting is available for certain remote speed-setting applications. In most cases the speed-setting shaft does not extend from the case when other types of remote speed setting are used.

Manual: Either or both sides of the case: plain or serrated shaft; less than 45 degrees shaft rotation for full speed Motor 12 or 24 Vdc Pittman
Motor: Converter boxes are available to change supply voltage to the proper voltage for a Pittman motor
Pneumatic Direct or reverse: 21 to 103 kPa (3 to 15 psi) most common signal; other signal ranges of 41 to 207 kPa (6 to 30 psi), 62 to 103 kPa (9 to 15 psi), 21 to 138 kPa (3 to 20 psi), 34 to 414 kPa (5 to 60 psi). Hydraulically damped against hunting due to air compressibility
Shaft: Splined
Speed Range: 1200 to 4000 rpm
Recommended Operation: 1400 to 3600 rpm
Power Requirement: 249 W (1/3 hp) to turn drive shaft at normal operating speed and temperature
Rotation Clockwise, counterclockwise, or both
Plunger Movement: Balanced between ballhead centrifugal force and speeder-spring force
Bushing: Rotated as part of governor drive shaft
Porting: Gain selection of 1, 2, or 4 round or 3 slotted
Case and base are cast iron, cover is aluminum or cast iron. Governors with aluminum cases are available.
MOUNTING: Install vertical or horizontal with power servo down.
Steady State Speed Band: ±1/4 of 1% of rated speed
Typical Optimum Response: 6.5% off speed with 0.8 s recovery time with full load change on a 50% per second accelerated engine
Recommended Variable Speed
Control Range: 1200 to 4000 rpm
Pressure Compensation: Buffer spring 0.5 to 1.8 N standard. Effective needle-valve opening up to 3 turns from closed
Droop: From 0% to 7% over full output travel; internal or external adjustments. External adjustment includes lock screw and max and min stop screws
Spring and Oil Damped Ballheads : Undamped natural frequency selections of 100, 180, 200, 290, 400, and 550 cycles per minute

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