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JSB-196GM Radio

JSB-196GM Radio

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JSB-196GM Radio

Simple installation on small ship Each equipment is of very compact design for simple installation on small ship. The GMDSS-based system consists of the JSB-196GM MF/HF Radiotelephone, the NCT-196N DSC/NBDP MODEM Terminal and a DC-DC converter. The main unit of the JSB-196GM and the NCT-196N can be integrated as a stacked system and installed in a easy-to-operate place on the bridge.

● Easy operation The JSB-196GM is designed for user-friendly operation using a single large control dial for frequency channel selection, mode setting and high/low transmit power switching. The NCT-196N integrates the DSC modem and the watch keeping receiver in it, enabling operations to fully meet the GMDSS requirements.

● Digital signal processing (DSP) The JSB-196GM radiotelephone uses 32-bit floating point DSP for digital signal processing in and after the IF stage. The DSP technology improves a number of functions including noise reduction and various types of interference rejection, ensuring enhanced performance.

Equipment List:

1. Antenna Tuner NFE-196
2. DSC/NBDP Modem NCT-196N
3. Radiophone JSB-196GM
4. DC-DC Converter NBB-300

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