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Furuno Felcom-15

Furuno Felcom-15

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Inmarsat-C Furuno Felcom 15

FURUNO Electric Company thanks you for considering and purchasing the FELCOM 15 Inmarsat C Mobile Earth Station. We are confident you will discover why the FURUNO name has become synonymous with quality and reliability. Mainly consisting of an antenna unit and a terminal unit, the FELCOM 15 provides the full range of distress and general communication services for mobile and fixed terrestrial subscribers in the Inmarsat C communication network. Its compact size permits installation where space is limited. FURUNO designs and manufactures this equipment with much attention to operation and maintenance simplicity. However, please read and follow the recommended procedures for operation and maintenance to get the most out of the equipment.

• Conforms to the following standards: IMO A.807(19), MSC.68(68) Annex 4, MSC/Cir 682, IMO A.694(17), IEC 61097-4 (1994), IMO A.664(16), IEC 60945 (2002), IEC 61162-1 (2000).
• E-mail facility. (To send E-mail, register with an LES which provides e-mail services.)
• Built-in Enhanced Group Call (EGC) receiver permits operation as EGC-only receiver.
• Terminal unit accepts a wide variety of peripheral equipment: Distress Message Controller (DMC), PC, navigator, etc.

• Connection of external terminal unit for operation from remote location such as the bridge.

• Store-and-forward telex communication (public telex network)

• Data reporting and Polling.

• GPS receiver (option) built in the terminal unit provides GPS-generated position.

• Diagnostic programs for maintenance.

• Terminal unit provides a floppy disk drive for storage of received and transmitted messages on floppy disks.

• Menu driven operation.

Equipment List:
-Message Terminal

-Transceiver IC-215
-Antenna IC-115,
-Printer PP-510 or PP-520.
-Junction box IC-315.
-SSAS Alert Unit IC-307.

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